Maintenance and Repairs

We pride ourselves on keeping up to date with the latest advancements in healthcare and medical equipment. Our technicians have been fully trained and certified by the manufacturers to ensure you receive the best service available.

If your healthcare and medical equipment is under-performing, in need of repair or overdue for a service, the skilled personnel at LTAK Services can thoroughly inspect and service or repair your equipment at very competitive rates.

We service and repair just about anything with LINAK or TiMotion parts
If you are unsure please contact us
maintenance and repairs

Maintenance Inclusions

  • Included with LTAK Services Maintenance Checks

    • Comprehensive check
    • All units (Beds) will be labelled with a water proof service sticker with date serviced and next due date
    • All electronic cables will be checked for damage
    • Nuts, bolts & hinge points checked and adjusted
    • Castors (braking, tracking, free spinning)
    • Actuators to work as required by manufacturer
    • Foot end extension
    • General condition of the unit (Bed) appearance
    • Side rails checked and adjusted
    • All safety functions (CPR) to work within guidelines
    • Each unit (Bed) will have a work sheet with serial No. recorded with all functions listed, test results and recommended repairs where required

    Please note that we do not replace electrical plugs only, Company policy is to replace the whole lead as per manufacturer.

  • An Excel spreadsheet will be supplied with

    • Site and address
    • Make and model of unit (Bed)
    • Serial No
    • Date serviced and repairs carried out
    • Battery, handset and power lead upgrades can be carried out during maintenance checks